The Ark of The Covenant

Shalom Israelites; The times Before I learned the truth; John 8:32 And ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free.

The first time I heard about the Ark of The Covenant was on the History channel and I often wondered why did the Edomites spend all that money and time looking for the Ark of the Covenant, and what’s Inside?

The day I woke up and seen the which was two years ago tomorrow, on that day my life begins, and I have not looked back.

Indeed, I learned that I had to believe in Christ as the Scripture have said; John 7:38 He that beleeueth on me, as the Scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

The answer to the Ark of The Covenant, came to me from the Bible; in Deuteronomy 31:26 Take this book of the Law, and put it in the side of the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord your God, that it may be there for a witness against thee.

Indeed, The Bible is the Book of the Laws of GOD, and it is the most Powerful Weapon on the Planet that has only been given to the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

In conclusion, all we as Israelites must do is Keep Gods Commandments and the Lord our GOD will fight for us.

Romans 12:19   Dearly beloved, avenge not your selves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord.

Deuteronomy 5:32-33 Ye shall observe to do therefore, as the Lord your God hath commanded you: you shall not turn aside to the right hand, or to the left.

33 You shall walk in all the ways which the Lord your God hath commanded you, that ye may live, and that it may be well with you, and that ye may prolong your days in the land which ye shall possess.


The 12 Tribes of Israel in the Bible are black

 Shalom Israelites; The 12 Tribes of Israel in the Bible are black, so the Bible is our History Book.

Hebrews 7:14 For it is evident that our Lord sprang out of Judah, of which tribe Moses spake nothing concerning Priesthood.

Jeremiah 14:2 Judah mourned, and the gates thereof languish, they are black unto the ground, and the cry of Jerusalem is gone up.

Jeremiah 8:21 For the hurt of the daughter of my people am I hurt, I am black: astonishment hath taken hold on me.

Song of Solomon 1:5 I am black, but comely, (O ye daughters of Jerusalem) as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon.

Song of Solomon 1:6 Look not upon me because I am black, because the Sun hath looked upon me: my mother’s children were angry with me, they made me the keeper of the vineyards, but mine own vineyard have I not kept.

Job 30:30 My skin is black upon me, and my bones are burnt with heat.

Lamentations 4:8 Their visage is blacker then a Cole: they are not known in the streets: their skin cleaueth to their bones: it is withered, it is become like a stick.

Lamentations 5:10 Our skin was black like an oven, because of the terrible famine.

Christ will baptize you with the holy Ghost, and with fire

 Shalom Israelites; and Happy Sabbath: Christ will baptize you with the holy Ghost, and with fire

Matthew 3:11 I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he that commeth after me, is mightier then I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear, he shall baptize you with the holy Ghost, and with fire.

Mark 1:8 I indeed have baptized you with water: but he shall baptize you with the holy Ghost.

John 1:26 John answered them, saying, I baptize with water, but there standeth one among you, whom ye know not,

Luke 3:16 John answered, saying unto them all, I indeed baptize you with water, but one mightier then I commeth, the latchet of whose shoes I am not worthy to unloose, he shall baptize you with the holy Ghost, and with fire.

Christ did not come to Destroy the Law

 Shalom Israelites; Christ did not come to Destroy the Law

Matthew 5:17-19 Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the Prophets. I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.

18 For verily I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one Jot or one title, shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do, and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

Luke 16:17 And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, then one title of the law to fail.

James 2:10 For whosoever shall keep the whole Law, & yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.

Jesus did not Break the Sabbath

Shalom Israelites; FYI; Jesus did not Break the Sabbath

Matthew 12:1 At that time, Jesus went on the Sabbath day through the corn, & his Disciples were an hungered, and began to pluck the ears of corn, and to eat.

Mark 2:23 And it came to pass, that he went through the corn fields on the Sabbath day, & his disciples began as they went, to pluck the ears of corn.

Luke 6:1 And it came to pass on the second Sabbath after the first, that he went through the corn fields: and his disciples plucked the ears of corn, and did eat, rubbing them in their hands.

Deuteronomy 23:25 When thou commest into the standing corn of thy neighbors, then thou maiest pluck the ears with thine hand: but thou shalt not move a sickle unto thy neighbor’s standing corn.

Jesus is the son of Joseph

 Shalom Israelites; FYI; Seed is Sperm, and Jesus is the son of Joseph

Hebrews 2:16 For verely he took not on him the nature of Angels: but he took on him the seed of Abraham.

John 6:42 And they said, is not this Jesus the son of Joseph, whose father and mother we know? How is it then that he says, I came down from heaven?

Matthew 13:55 Is not this the Carpenters son? Is not his mother called Marie? and his brethren, James, and Joses, and Simon, and Judas?

Mathew 1:21 And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his Name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins.

Matthew 2:6 And thou Bethlehem in the land of Judah, art not the least among the Princes of Judah: for out of thee shall come a Governor, that shall rule my people Israel.

Micah 5:2 But thou Bethlehem Ephratah, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall he come forth unto me, that is to be ruler in Israel: whose goings forth have bene from of old, from everlasting.

John 7:42 Hath not the Scripture said, that Christ commeth of the seed of David, and out of the town of Bethlehem, where David was?

Matthew 1:16-17 And Jacob begate Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was borne Iesus, who is called Christ.

17So all the generations from Abraham to David, are fourteen generations: and from David until the carrying away into Babylon, are fourteen generations: and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ, are fourteen generations.

Believe in Christ as the Scriptures have said

 Shalom Israelites; We should believe in Christ as the scriptures have said

John 7:38 He that beleeueth on me, as the Scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

Deuteronomy 18:15 The Lord thy God will raise up unto thee a Prophet from the midst of thee, of thy brethren, like unto me, unto him ye shall hearken,

John 1:45 Philip findeth Nathanael, and saith unto him, we have found him of whom Moses in the Law, and the Prophets did write, Jesus of Nazareth the son of Joseph.

Acts 3:21 Whom the heaven must receive, until the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy Prophets since the world began.

Acts 7:37 This is that Moses which said unto the children of Israel, A Prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me: him shall ye hear.

The fear of the Lord

 Shalom Israelites; Psalms 111:10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth forever.

Job 28:28 And unto man he said, Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom, and to depart from evil, is understanding.

Proverbs 1:7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Proverbs 9:10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding

We are The Twelve Tribes of Israel


Shalom Israelites: GOD is the GOD of Israel and none else

Deuteronomy 5:6 I am the Lord thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage.

Joel 2:27 And ye shall know that I am in the midst of Israel, and that I am the Lord your God, and none else: and my people shall never be ashamed.

Deuteronomy 7:6 For thou art an holy people unto the Lord thy God: The Lord thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.

Deuteronomy 1:1 These be the words which Moses spake unto all Israel, on this side Jordan in the wilderness, in the plane over against the Red sea, between Paran, and Tophel, and Laban, and Hazeroth, and Dizahab.

Isaiah 45:4-6 For Jacob my servant’s sake, and Israel mine elect, I have even called thee by thy name: I have surnamed thee, though thou hast not known me.

5 I am the Lord, and there is none else, there is no God besides me: I girded thee, though thou hast not known me:

6 That they may know from the rising of the Sun, and from the West, that there is none besides me, I am the Lord, and there is none else.

Matthew 15:24 But he answered, and said, I am not sent, but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

Revelation 21:12 And had a wall great and high, and had twelve gates, and at the gates twelve Angels, & names written thereon, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel.

The Destruction of Babylon The Great

 The Destruction of Babylon The Great (A.K.A. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA)

Isaiah 13 The burden of Babylon, which Isaiah the son of Amoz did see.

2 Lift yee up a banner upon the high mountain, exalt the voice unto them, shake the hand, that they may go into the gates of the nobles.

3 I have commanded my sanctified ones: I have also called my mighty ones for mine anger, even them that rejoice in my highness.

4 The noise of a multitude in the mountains, like as of a great people: a tumultuous noise of the kingdoms of nations gathered together: The Lord of hosts mustered the host of the battle.

5 They come from a far country from the end of heaven, even the Lord and the weapons of his indignation, to destroy the whole land.

6 Howled yee; for the day of the Lord is at hand; it shall come as a destruction from the Almighty.

7 Therefore shall all hands be faint, and every man’s heart shall melt.

8 And they shall be afraid: pangs and sorrows shall take hold of them, they shall be in Paine as a woman that travelled: they shall be amazed one at another, their faces shall be as flames.

9 Behold, the day of the Lord commeth, cruel both with wrath and fierce anger, to lay the land desolate; and he shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it.

10 For the stars of heaven, and the constellations thereof shall not give their light: the sun shall be darkened in his going forth, and the moon shall not cause her light to shine.

11 And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogance of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.

The Israelite Man; 12 I will make a man more precious then fine gold; even a man then the golden wedge of Ophir.

13 Therefore I will shake the heavens, and the earth shall remove out of her place in the wrath of the Lord of hosts, and in the day of his fierce anger.

14 And it shall be as the chased Roe, and as a sheep that no man taketh up: they shall every man turned to his own people, and flee everyone into his own land.

15 Every one that is found shall be thrust through: and every one that is joined unto them, shall fall by the sword.

16 Their children also shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes, their houses shall be spoiled, & their wives ravished.

17 Behold, I will stir up the Medes against them, which shall not regard silver, and as for gold, they shall not delight in it.

18 Their bows also shall dash the young men to pieces, and they shall have no pity on the fruit of the womb; their eye shall not spare children.

19 And Babylon the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of the Chaldees excellence, shall be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah.

20 It shall never be inhabited, neither shall it be dwelt in from generation to generation: neither shall the Arabian pitch tent there, neither shall the shepherds make their fold there.

21 But wild beasts of the desert shall lye there, and their houses shall be full of doleful creatures, and owls shall dwell there, and Satyrs shall dance there.

22 And the wild beasts of the Islands shall cry in their desolate houses, and dragons in their pleasant palaces: and her time is near to come, and her days shall not be prolonged.